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Monster Tamer Topic!

Both digital and table top RPG’s
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Re: Monster Tamer Topic!

Post by IgneousCroc »

Gwenymoo wrote: November 20th, 2023, 11:17 am @IgneousCroc Yaaaaaaaaassss I'm so excited for DQM, I have both the Joker games on Ds and I adore the dumpy dragons.
akira toriyama can draw one hell of a dragon I'll say that much! this is coming from a professional full time dragon - the man has some REALLY good dragons!
ive played a tad of Terry before the save corrupted... i gotta get a new sd card for my 3ds before trying to install it again! i havent gotten to the jokers yet, sadly
:aro: this dragon :dr_green: runs on ginger ale :ace:

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