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Save the Dragons

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Save the Dragons

Post by Neververy4 »

So! Awhile back I found a website from the olden days of the internet, a GeoCities site about saving the Dragons :dr_green:

Well, I fell in love with it. A true relic of the past, with most of the archives being 20+ years old. I wanted to make it into an actual site, continue on with the campaign. So I took the images, copied the text, and coded up a whole new website for it, savethedragons.xyz!

This was a project I did awhile back, and I haven't done much with it since. I still need to recreate the registering system, like how the old site was, but that's code I don't know how to do still :pensive: One day :) :heart_purple: :heart_blue:
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Post by Falcon »

Yay!! Save the dragons!!
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Post by SapphireRaeburn »

I love this!! I miss the old Geocities days. :heart_blue: :heart_blue:

One of my favorite things was when webrings would get together and hide easter eggs on their sites for spring and you had to click through the pages, hunting the egg that would lead you to the next site. xD I ran into a dragon-themed one once. It was awesome! :dr_neververy4: :heart_blue:
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