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Partner got me a book yesterday

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Partner got me a book yesterday

Post by Neververy4 »

Dragons: A natural history (ISBN 0-684-81443-9)
@Gotenerd went to a used bookstore yesterday and found me this :suprise: :grin: :heart_blue: I am excited to read it, but it may be awhile before I get some free time to. I did find the author's site about the book tho (: Anyways I'll keep posted about it when I do read it :!!: In the meantime, if you have this book, drop it down below, tell me your opinions (:
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Post by pheelthemoment »

ooooh that looks like it'll be a fun book c:
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Post by Falcon »

that cover art is beautiful!! tell us all about it!!
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art by pheel

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Post by WyvereWings »

It looks like a Dragonology related book, judging by the artstyle. I thought it was this other book "A Natural History of Dragons" by Marie Brennan at first haha
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