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Tally's Silly Little Kobold Game (WIP, suggestions welcome!!!)

Any visual works that you’ve made can be put here
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Re: Tally's Silly Little Kobold Game (WIP, suggestions welcome!!!)

Post by Tally-Kobold »

IgneousCroc wrote: July 8th, 2023, 3:44 am HOUUUU huhuhu okay the image made me giggle, I can totally hear the cronch accompanying it xD

any more minigames in mind? This one already sounds so silly i love it x)
I don't have any more I can currently think of, but I really am hoping to get more of these easy little things in the game that really give the player a taste of the kobold experience 🤔
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Post by IgneousCroc »

Of course! Gotta give the player the proper Kobold Lifestyle Experience! It's a cultural exchange, educational!
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