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Computer's on its way out, need suggestions

Share off your PC builds, Keyboards, setups, and other computer projects
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Computer's on its way out, need suggestions

Post by daebelly »

hey! so my laptop's getting a bit long in the tooth and is starting to catch on power-intensive tasks. i'm looking to get a tower pc that's good for gaming that Isn't wildly expensive. i've got my eyes on a lenovo legion since i used to work at lenovo (the computer: https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/p/desktops ... en102g0006 specifically the 3050) and i trust their legions to be good, but if anyone knows something at a similar benchmark for a similar/lower price, i'd really appreciate some recommendations. tysm!

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Post by Neververy4 »

I can’t speak too much on OEM shopping, as I like to go the custom route, but I can give my own personal opinions on some brands

- Based from personal experience, I don’t trust Lenovo. Tried buying a laptop and pen, contacted support before buying and they told me to buy a specific pen, which ended up not working. Support told me to buy a different specific pen, and when that didn’t work they then informed me that the laptop I bought didn’t have any pen support, it was 10-finger touch only. I specifically bought that device because I wanted a small laptop that I could draw on with a pen. I was not able to return any of the devices to get my money back

- Dell has been known in the past decade to have aggressive warranty polices, adding hidden warranty charges when trying to shop. LTT, the famous Tech Youtubers, did two blind shopping series and Dell was rated the worst both times.

- Gateway is back, but it’s a cheap WalMart style brand. I can not speak for quality.

- Knowing how they treat their customers with their printer lineup, I’m hesitant to recommend HP. I’ve seen plenty of positive reviews for their laptop/desktop products

- If I had the money, I would get a Mac. Reliable and long lasting, as as long as you don’t break it they keep their laptops supported for a long time. Used a Mid 2009 Macbook Pro up until 2019, but I think they still supported new OS releases on it til 2021. Only issue with the Mac route is the upfront cost, and the struggle to repair it down the line. Granted, most laptops have been the same for awhile as well, but Apple desktops don’t have an excuse for bot being upgrade/service friendly.

- There is a company called Framework making a modular and easy to repair laptop, but it has a similar upfront cost as a Mac. That, and I don’t think they have a desktop.

These are my personal opinion, and I would like to see if others agree/disagree
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Post by Kazzara »

If you have the funds, I'd recommend looking into a low-end custom built PC based on your needs- You don't need to game, but you can if you want kind of deal. Plus, you can replace parts or upgrade as you need and don't totally need to worry about upgrading to a whole new system or potentially screwing your warranty in the event of a part failing, while the repair shops want you to pay like.. Way too much for just reseating a part or two. I can't recommend any custom build services personally, but you should consider windowshopping for that, again, if funds allow.

You could go for a pre-built, but I spent around 1500 on my pre-built and over 700 on parts because somethings going wrong with it and nobody can figure out what. I strongly recommend against Skytech Gaming. They cheaped out on several parts, being fans, the cooler (some no name brand with a random logo) and PSU. The ram too, to a lesser degree- Nobody has anything particularly bad to say about it, but nothing particularly good.

Laptops, at least in my experience, eventually become very expensive paper weights because you can't keep upgrading say, the fans, etc., as they go bad or otherwise become outdated. Every laptop I've owned has lasted about 2 or 3 years before they either collect so much dust the fans start to fail, or get bogged down with windows rot.

Unfortunately if you're like me, with a proper PC, and have a weird problem with the CPU chip or windows install itself and systematically replace everything and the problem persists you're going to be out a ton of money because a lot of parts can't be refunded. Woo-hoo, capitalism!
It's probably been overheating in my case, though. Something something Florida hurricane Ian humid to dry something something..
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